Sunday, March 23, 2014

A2Z and sketchabilities

Hi, im am so behind on my blog posts. I have tried a few times but have been having trouble with blogger on a couple of occasions so gave up. Seeing as its playing nice today (well for the moment) i might just scheduale a heap of posts for this week. Firstly here are 4 canvases i have done. I have put them in the hallway to the kids room to brighten it up a little for them.

Now here is A2Z scraplets challenge of the month. We teamed up with white with 1. White and latte. I dont usually like doing colour challenges but really enjoyed this one.

I painted the shell scraplets and then embossed them to give them a sandy feel.

This was the first sketch of the month at sketchabilities. I used a paint glaze on the butterfly and used my pitt pens to colour in the flowers.

Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you will see heaps more from me this week...
Kerry xx

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