Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life Changes....

Wow, july 19th my last post. i have had a major scrapping break and some major life changes in that time. I have missed scrapping a lot and am looking forward to getting back into things. A few of you know that i had been having some major anxiety and panic attack issues early on this year. I am not someone who likes to talk a lot about my personal life so didnt talk much about it at all. Its seems so amazing to me that i now am so happy with life and loving every single day. I now wake of a morning and happily wonder what the day will bring. I look forward and enjoy every second of life. Im no longer just letting days slip by but am excited about what they will bring.

In this time i have been absent i have seperated from my husband, and have started a new life with my new partner, glenn, who has brought so much love, joy and passion into my life, that i never thought i would have. We have brought a house together which have very quickly become a 'home' to us and our children. So i am now in the midst of setting up my new scrap space and looking forward to seeing where my scrapping will take me now.

I do promise now more regular updates as well as some scrapping!!

Have a great day

Kerry xx


Chloe :-) said...

Take care and hope things are better from now on :-)

Kate said...

I am happy things are going well for you Kerry :)take care of yourself :)

HarmonySweetpea said...

Glad to hear everything is coming together so well for you Kerry. Wishing you good times ahead xo