Friday, December 31, 2010

Seeing Double...

Hi, yes its me back again. I have been working on a couple of doubles. These were sketches from inspired blueprints and i really enjoyed doing them. Doing something different anyway!! This first one is from makaylas birthday this year.

and this next one is from makaylas footy dress up day at playgroup, (which hayden managed to talk himself into coming LOL)

I hope you have a great new year everyone and i will be back with my top 10 from 2010. I have seen a few do it this year and it has been great looking over what i have done for the year.
Thanks for stopping by


Kim said...

oooo how cool to so such fabulous doubles, love em, I so cant do them thanks for the inspiration!

Kate said...

great to see some doubles kerry you have been so busy!! xox