Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Hi. I thought i would pop on my results from my scrappy weekend. Im still working through my old photos. Im nearly finished 2007 now. Wow. Only 3 years to go!!!!

This first one is holidaying with mum and dad in healsville, riding about thomas the tank engine.

This one is of makayla and i at queenscliff. Makaylas first holiday in our caravan!!

How sweet...

and again...

This is makayla when she was first sitting. I love doing these photos from a few years ago. It seems like so long ago, but brings back wonderful memories. This is also the first sketch of the month from wicked princesses.

And here is hayden and i all dressed up to go to my neices confirmation where i was a sponsor.

Well thanks for stopping by and sharing my memories. I hope you are staying dry wherever you are!!
Kerry xx


Kate said...

i love how each of your pages is different to the next in so many wonderful ways!

Kim said...

wow I love how each layout is so different , the colours really po against each other are I am loving your misting too

Sar said...

So Kerry, do you only scrap your older photos and in order, or do you throw some new ones into the mix as well?

kerry said...

I throw new ones in too sar!! But i try to do the older ones first, but the newer ones usually give me more mojo!! :)