Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi. Been doing a lot of scrapping just for me!! Getting through my stash which is a really good feeling. Ive been trying to catch up on my family album and feel like i am getting somewhere lately. I have scrapped from 1991 (when hubby and i first started going out) till mid 2007. So i only have a few years to catch up on, and i have a lot of the last couple of years done as i also try to scrap recent ones so i dont lose the story of the photos!!! Wow does that sound really exhausting!!! Well i will be glad when i have caught up as i would love to start doing some mini books and OTP items. I have a pretty big stash of mini albums growing. I started a class this week with Karen Grunberg and it is all about recording your stories, so i am really looking forward to getting my homework done this weekend and start getting all my stories and memories down on paper so i have plenty of ideas to scrap about.

Anyway here is what i have done the this week. What a cutie, makayla has always loved the swing, you cant go high enough for her!!

LOL... What a face!

This was the paper of the month over at bons.

And more gorgeous faces... LOL

I am about to start my week 2 entry over at wicked princesses and also work on a few classes for Bliss.
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Kate said...

they're all such beautiful pages kerry!!
p.s. annika is the same on the swing as Makayla was- no matter how high they go they just love it!!

Kirsty said...

I love them all!

Sar said...

Love all the echo park pages, they look great! Cheers, Sar