Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paper Rose tutorial

Lets make some flowers!!!!!!

To start you need 3 flowers with 6 petals all the same size. This is to make 1 flower. I made a one out of cardstock to use as a template. Fold your flower into 6. Sand and/or ink the side of the flower you want to see.

For the first flower snip down one side between the petals to the centre, following the fold line. For the 2nd flower cut away 1 petal completly and for the 3rd flower cut away 2 of the petals. Dont throw away the cut petals.

Using DS tape stick the flowers together to make 3 full flowers.

Using a skewer curl petals inwards.

Snip pointy end off the 2 smaller flowers. Using tacky glue stick the 3 flowers inside one another. Now for the tricky bit. With the double petal, curl one side into the centre, fold the top of the petal down on the other side and keeping the same curling action curl it around. Secure with DS tape. This can take a bit of practice.

With the single petal curl both ends into the middle. Wrap it around your bud, snip some off your end so it sits nice in your rose and stick in the middle.

Well there it is. I hope you enjoyed it and i hope to see some of your roses around. If you have any questions just leave a comment and i will try to help. I found these flowers on this site while blog hopping. I cannot remember who gave me the site so i am hoping that i dont offend anyone. I changed the style from the original one, to make it more imperfect and more real like to me.

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Scoobie said...

TFS! Love those roses!